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If you’re embarking on the exciting adventure of purchasing a home, you’ll need to schedule a home inspection shortly after signing the agreement or contract. If this is your first purchase, you might be wondering—what is a home inspection? and do you really need one? Industry professionals highly recommend a home inspection as it is an unbiased visual examination of the systems and physical structure of the house. Extra Mile Home Inspection offers insight into what our certified inspections cover on our What’s Covered Page. However, most home inspections typically include:

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Many home inspections cover a house’s current condition and don’t follow a pass-fail system. Yet having a certified residential home inspector thoroughly identify possible issues before closing can help you avoid significant and costly repairs. Buying a home is a large investment, and the added insight from your inspector can potentially void contracts or amendments written into the agreement. You may decide after an inspection that repairs are too costly and decide to look elsewhere. Further, in some cases, the seller may opt to repair or financially compensate for the issues.

In addition, while it is not a requirement to be present during these inspections, we recommend you stay so you can observe and ask questions. Furthermore, do not let the service cost dictate your home inspection choice. Make inquiries to friends and family on verified inspectors or research the experience, training, and qualifications of the company you choose.

Now that you know what to expect from a home inspection, we hope you feel more confident in your purchasing journey. If you’re currently looking for a home inspector, check out our services or contact us today!